Monday, April 12, 2010

Poker Journal, day 1: A good start

As I have earlier mentioned I like sit and go tournaments. Somehow I manage to decent in them while bleeding money like a, well, shooting victim in cash games. The lowest turbo stakes possible were 1$ + 0,20$ SNGs on Full Tilt Poker so I managed to join 3 of them during the day. I have learned through the internet it pays off later to start off with playing a single table at a time so I did. I believe this will help me project what kind of hand ranges people use in different situations.

My first 1,2$ Sit-n-go was a success. I played this tournament in the early afternoon in European time and it showed. The play was very tight which was pretty suprising as I was expecting to find guys almost demanding me to take their chips. I managed to stay out of trouble during the early and middle stages of the game, while sometimes stealing the blinds when I saw fit. The bubble play during the tournament was confusing to say the least as people were butting heads all over the place. I managed to find a good spot to eliminate a short stacked player who had just lost a coin flip situation in a grueling fashion. I was able to ride my chips to the top three by changing to a more aggressive strategy, which ultimately ended in a bad result for me after losing two slightly favored coin flips in a row.

My second 1,2$ sit and go ended in a similar way. This was during the night time in Europe, but there were a few American on board too. The start of the tournament was very different from my first one as I could count atleast 3-4 extremely loose players who were very anxious to throw their money around early on. I had a bit of a problem in the early middle game because I wasn't confident in my ability to steal blinds when the few guys next to me were pretty much raising and calling everything. The turning point of this tournament came for me when my A4s turned into a flush against a medium stacks A4o. I managed to be aggressive enough to survive into the top three again, but again I wasn't able to get further than the third place. I think I need help in the money as I always seem to find myself in a duel with a dominated hand.

My third sit and go tournament was a mess from the start. My usual strategy in the early goings is to almost fold everything and wait it out. This time it was different. I managed to squander about 250 chips early by limping in and getting called on my raises after a dangerous flops. My position on the table was disadvantageous as the most aggressive guy on the table sat to my left. He capitalized on my sudden lack of aggressiveness by re-raising my attempts to steal the blind with a KTo. Somehow I didn't figure in just how aggressive the other guy had been through the whole tournament and folded. In retrospect I'm sure I had a good enough hand to call him on it right there and then. I guess missing this play was too much for me. On the next go around I, for some reason, decided to try and steal the blinds again, but this time with T2o even when I was sure the other guy would call me on my all in bet. And he did. With KQo. That was it for me

The first day of online poker was decent for me. Even though my return of investment for the day was 0% it could have been way worse.  This is the beginning of my journey and I cannot expect instant success. On top of not losing money (actually counting in the rake back and the deposit bonus I'm a bit on the positive) I'm pretty sure I learned something during my tables today. Maybe next time I'll not fold to the same re-raise that ended up making me TILT with T2, maybe next time I'll manage to pick my spots a bit better to finish 1st or 2nd instead of the third place finishes.

Total investment 3x 1,2$ = 3,6$
Total winnings 2 x 1,8$ = 3,6$ + 0,16$ from Rake Back

Balance for today: +0,16$ :)

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