Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poker Journal, day 3: Slow day

I was pretty busy for the day and only managed to put in three 1$ + 0,20$ sit and go tournaments. I guess its a bad thing I was so busy, because dollar for dollar this was my most profitable day yet. Earlier in the day I only got to join one tournament under the Happy Hour which was a bummer, but I cannot complain too much about the results. I reached the top 3 with rather ease in a big chip lead because of people calling my uber raises with KK and QQ. What I wasn't prepared for was the crazy end game. Everybody was calling everything and I basically went from the mega three times bigger than the next stack to the short stack and up again. I couldn't get my first 1st place finish in the end after losing to a guy outdrawing me with 2 flushes back to back.

At about 9 pm in the evening I found a clear two hours for some more poker. I bombed out of a game so fast I couldn't even believe it myself after raising with AQs out of position, hitting nothing, getting raised and folding out. I still got about 900 chips left, but my exit came soon after I went all in on a bad hand and got called on it. Do not bet heavily with an unmade hand out of position in the early game.

I thought about not joining another game at all after busting out of one in such a tilty and irresponsible way, but my ego won over my senses. This time it paid off. I played slow in the early goings as I usually do and didn't get paid off when I hit AKo. With my stack slowly dwindling away and reaching top 5 I called a big raise with J7o. I'm not sure really why I did it in hindsight, but I figured the guy with the raise might had been just trying to steal the blinds. Still I don't think its ever a good move to do so with a bad bad hand like mine was. What was funny was my opponent did the raise with AKo and lost to me. I looked up on poker stove and my winning chance before the flop was 35%. I guess you got to get lucky sometimes to win, but that percentage was way higher than I thought it would have been. Somehow I got into another coin flip before the money as I beat KQs with a A5o. I felt like such a lucky son of a gun until I threw the game into Universal Replayer. The program can count how lucky one has been with his hole cards during the tournament by doing calculations based on how good your hole cards hold up in showdown against every other hand. My result was a clear sign of bad luck. I guess its good to finish second with bad luck, but if one wants to make money with poker he has to finish first at some point.

My third day of online poker was a successful one in two ways. I made some money and got experience in getting to the money. The other way was maybe learning not to go into games guns blazing and betting so big early on. I shouldn't have bet so high with AQs from such a bad position because hands like that make very little money and can end up costing a lot.

Total investment: 3 x 1,2$ = 3,6$,
Total winnings: 2 x 2,7$ = 5,4$, + 0,16$ from rake back

Balance for today: +1,96$

Bankroll: 59,00$ + rakeback + 1,09$ deposit bonus

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